Advantage and Disadvantage of Digital Radio Transmitter.

Digital Radio Transmitter

Digital Radio Transmitter

There are certain things you need to know about a digital radio transmitter. Once upon a time television owners were proud to utilize a dual knob system accompanied by a wire antenna, otherwise known as rabbit ears, to change the analog channels on their television sets. Low and behold those television knobs were replaced with push button and wireless remote control access to make for more convenient channel surfing. In keeping up with advancing technology, analog transmission was replaced with new and improved digital transmission, thus providing a wider variety of channels delivered at a higher quality than its predecessor. The consensus in modern times is that if digital transmission has proven successful in the world of television, then it is necessary to introduce the digital radio transmitter and bring radio into the next wave of audio technology.

Thumbs Up to Digital Radio Transmitters

  • Digital transmission provides crystal-clear, high quality reception.
  • Rather than using the tried and true seek/scan feature on the radio, listeners are able to discover specific channels by name, which provides a more efficient way to find exactly what the listener is looking for.
  • Song titles, artist names, and weather alerts are available 24/7. Never again wonder who was singing that catchy tune, as a scrolling feature on the radio face displays all pertinent song/artist information.
  • Reduction in bandwidth.

Thumbs Down to Digital Radio Transmitters

Cost! One of the major roadblocks for innovation is the almighty dollar. Conversely, there is an old adage that states you need to spend a little to make a little.

The digital radio transmitter does not only have to do with our entertainment needs. Emergency personnel such as firefighters, police officers, and paramedics require the use of radio transmitters to communicate via two-way radio. Digital radio cannot distinguish interference, such as a siren, from the human voice, causing a loss in translation. Ultimately, this type of miscommunication could lead to the loss of life. Analog radio transmission allows for the user’s natural voice to carry through without digitization. Additionally, digital radio transmission opens the door for increased security leaks via signal jamming.

As it stands analog transmission has been around for decades. Several companies that are not yet ready to ride the wave into the digital future remain content with their current audio communication tool of choice. Once digital radio transmitters become commonplace and more cost effective, analog radio transmission will gradually become a thing of the past. At the end of the day it must be determined whether individuals would rather listen to something of record quality (analog) or cd quality (digital).

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